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About the 应用健康科学2+2 Degree Program

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Advance your Health Science Career at bet36365体育

bet36365体育’s new 2+2 program allows Health Science professionals to advance their degrees and move up in their careers.

bet36365体育, you can earn a bachelor’s degree in Applied 健康科学 in a flexible way that works for your schedule, 是否在线, 在校或混合. You can also design your own program, choosing classes that fit your career goals.

The 应用健康科学2+2 program offers degree completion for professionals with an associate degree in health-related fields. A seamless and easy transition is made possible by applying your entire associate degree towards the program. This option is great for career advancement and workforce development.

Requirements for Bachelor of Science – Applied 健康科学:

学生 can transfer up to 66 credit hours from a successfully completed Associate Degree program in a health-related field including: Surgical 技术, 口腔卫生, 牙科协助, 物理治疗助理, 职业治疗助理, 放射技术, 护理, 健康科学, 以及其他被批准的.

学生 will work with a Health Science Advisor to develop an individualized program of study for completion of the Bachelor’s degree in Applied 健康科学, and must complete all general studies requirements prescribed by bet36365体育.

学生 must successfully complete 40 hours of upper division electives as part of their program, with no more than 24 credits in any one discipline or subject.

A minimum of 32 semester hours must be bet36365体育 credits.


Peggy Abels, Director of 健康科学

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在线 应用健康科学2+2 Degree Program

As an online 应用健康科学2+2 student at bet36365体育, you'll receive a quality and affordable education as well as the same degree as our on-campus students. 请求的信息 了解更多 在线课程

应用健康科学2+2 Program at a Glance



一般的研究 requirement has been reduced to 30 credit hrs allowing more freedom and making it easier to transfer to bet36365体育.


Applied 健康科学, Bachelor of Science



bet36365体育 is the most affordable Nebraska university and most students receive significant financial aid


"I saw where my parents were and the mistakes they made with their life."  "I wanted to be able to make my family better. I wanted to be the person my siblings could look up to, because they had no one else to look up to."

"My whole thought process through all my education – middle school, 高中, college – was always a part of that. I never wasn’t thinking about how excited I was to go to college, 为了能拿到学位, 能够独立生活, to be something better than what was put in front of me in the first place."




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